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     [OCP10g]#1Z0-040 Oracle Database
    park1q  2004-09-21 10:12:13, 조회 : 3,565, 추천 : 955

    Test Content Checklist
    Exam #1Z0-040 Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators

    [  ]Describe installation new features support
    [  ]Describe installation performance enhancements

    Server Configuration
    [  ]Simplify instance configuration using a subset of initialization parameters
    [  ]Use policy-based database configuration framework
    [  ]Use DBCA to clone database
    [  ]View database usage statistics through EM
    Load and Unload Data
    [  ]Transport tablespaces across different platforms
    [  ]Explain Data Pump architecture
    [  ]Monitor a Data Pump job
    [  ]Use Data Pump export and import
    [  ]Create external tables for data population
    [  ]Define your external table properties
    Automatic Management
    [  ]Use Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor
    [  ]Use Automatic Shared Memory Management
    [  ]Use Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection
    [  ]Use Automatic Undo Retention Tuning

    Manageability Infrastructure
    [  ]Monitor and maintain the AWR
    [  ]Use the Active Session History (ASH)
    [  ]Monitor and manage server-generated alerts
    [  ]Explain the automated tasks feature
    [  ]Describe the advisory framework
    Application Tuning
    [  ]Use the new optimizer statistics
    [  ]Use the SQL Tuning Advisor
    [  ]Use the SQLAccess Advisor
    [  ]Use the performance pages of Database Control
    Support for Analytical Applications
      [  ]Write MERGE statements with the new conditions and extensions
      [  ]Use partitioned outer join syntax for densification
      [  ]Use interrow calculations to enhance SQL for analytical capabilities
      [  ]Use new fast refresh capabilities for Materialized Join Views

    System Resource Management
      [  ]Automatically switch a session back to the original consumer group at the end of the top call
      [  ]Set idle time-outs for consumer groups
      [  ]Create mappings for the automatic assignment of sessions to consumer groups
    Automating Tasks with the Scheduler
      [  ]Simplify management tasks by using the Scheduler
      [  ]Create a job, program, schedule and window
      [  ]Reuse scheduler components for similar tasks
      [  ]View information about job executions and job instances

    Space Management
    [  ]Reduce space related error conditions through proactively managing tablespace usage
    [  ]Reclaim wasted space from tables and indexes using the segment shrink functionality
    [  ]Use the Segment Advisor
    [  ]Use the Undo Advisor
    [  ]Use sorted hash clusters
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    Improved VLDB Support
    [  ]Create and maintain bigfile tablespaces
    [  ]Create temporary tablespace groups
    [  ]Assign temporary tablespace groups to users
    [  ]Skip unuseable indexes
    [  ]Specify storage characteristics for index partitions in the table partition DML commands
    [  ]Create hash-partitioned global indexes
    [  ]Maintain hash-partitioned global indexes
    Backup and Recovery Enhancements
    [  ]Simplify file management for all recovery-related files
    [  ]Reduce restore time by applying incremental backups to data file image copies
    [  ]Simplify recovery after opening the database with the RESETLOGS option
    [  ]Speed backup times by creating faster incremental backups
    [  ]Minimize load requirements by specifying limits in backup time windows
    [  ]Save storage space through writing compressed backup sets

    Flashback Any Error
    [  ]Configure and use Flashback Database
    [  ]Recover dropped tables with the Flashback Drop feature
    [  ]Retrieve row history information with the Flashback Versions Query feature
    [  ]Audit or recover FROM transactions with the Flashback Transaction Query feature
    [  ]Recover tables to a point in time with the Flashback Table feature
    General Storage Enhancement
    [  ]Create the SYSAUX tablespace
    [  ]Relocate SYSAUX occupants
    [  ]Rename tablespaces
    [  ]Create a default permanent tablespace
    [  ]Copy files using the Database Server
    [  ]Use the Redo Logfile Size Advisor
    Automatic Storage Management
    [  ]Describe Automatic Storage Management
    [  ]Set up initialization parameter files for ASM and database instances
    [  ]Execute SQL commands with ASM file names
    [  ]Start up and shut down ASM instances
    [  ]Administer ASM disk groups
    [  ]Use RMAN to migrate your database to ASM

    Maintain Software
      [  ]Understand the supported upgrade paths to Oracle Database 10g
      [  ]Use new utility to perform pre-upgrade validation checks
      [  ]Use simplified upgrade process that automatically determines components to be upgraded
      [  ]Start up the database using a new mode when upgrading
      [  ]Apply a column level VPD policy
      [  ]Apply static and non-static policies
      [  ]Share VPD policy functions
      [  ]Use the unified audit trails
      [  ]Use fine-grained auditing for DML statements
    Miscellaneous New Features
      [  ]Provide greater flexibility by enabling resumable timeout at the instance level
      [  ]Use regular expression support in SQL and PL/SQL for string searching, matching and replacing
      [  ]Use additional linguistic comparison and sorting methods in SQL
      [  ]Aggregate more meaningful statistics across a multitier environment
      [  ]Use SQL to flush the buffer cache

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